What We Do


Industrial and commercial real estate development is our specialty. We have the experience to handle all aspects of industrial development.

Land Acquisition

Great projects start with great real estate. IndiCap specializes in acquiring “Position A” land in burgeoning sub-markets. We utilize our regional relationships and development experience to identify growth areas and negotiate to control prime property for speculative development. We focus on off-market land with challenging sellers and are typically able to negotiate timely escrows to complete due diligence and obtain entitlements. Our brokerage relationships are key to finding these gems. We are also capable of closing quickly on a risk adjusted opportunity under the right circumstances.


We finance our projects with private equity and debt fund sources via established relationships or introductions through our capital markets teams. The IndiCap team is seasoned with institutional compliance procedures and make it a priority to maintain communication lines as we navigate through the development process of the project at hand. We utilize a financing matrix to determine the lending source that best fits the strategy of the project. We pursue 65%-70% non-recourse construction financing through debt funds and national banking institutions.

Design & Site Plan

The IndiCap process for designing new projects is a collaborative team effort. We rely on our experienced brokers, land use attorneys, engineers and architects to provide input in the design process of our projects. Our projects are driven by market supply and demand dynamics for a particular sub-market. Site layout and building designs are created by an “all-perspective” approach. Once we are all signed off on the final product, we begin the submittal and review process with the municipality. We take a pro-active approach with the municipalities that are projects are located within; making all efforts to incorporate them into the design of the project prior to the application process. We want to create developments that they can stand behind.


The necessary and often challenging step of development entitlements are the key to timing and economics of a project. It is imperative to our company that we build relationships in the municipalities that we build within. We work hand in hand to find synergies with matching our goals with the strategies of the communities that we invest in. Keeping all stakeholders involved from the initial stages is imperative to ensure that we present a project that can garner support from staff as well as neighbors. We enlist community outreach conduits as well as experienced land use planning law firms to assist us in the process. It is our goal to create projects that cities can be proud of and provide economic benefits to the citizens.